TAG Policies

Make-up Work
If you miss TAG, be sure to check with your TAG teacher to make up anything missed in your seminar.

In order to receive TAG credit for your seminar, you may miss TWO seminar meetings per semester. This includes sickness, field trips, whatever. If you miss more than two meetings, see your TAG teacher immediately. Cases of extended illness or extreme circumstances will be handled on an individual basis. More absences than allowed in your contract or failure to complete make-up work will result in not receiving credit for your seminar.

Throughout the seminar, we may have one or more projects. All seminar projects are due on the date established by the TAG teacher. If you cannot meet this deadline, you must seek permission to turn in the project late. NO final project or product will be accepted late. Simply submitting a project will not guarantee credit for a TAG seminar; you must submit quality work. Failure to successfully complete seminar projects will result in your not receiving credit for your seminar.
If you have any questions or concerns, always ask your TAG teacher. We are here to help you.


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