TAG Opportunities

Every TAG student must receive TAG credit each semester to remain in good standing. However, seminars are not the only way to participate. Any of the following options will fulfill the requirement for TAG credit.

Seminars are mini courses that meet once a week during SOAR.  Seminar topics are varied each semester based on teacher availability.  The “Hire Me!” Seminar completion is a pre-requisite for participation in the TAG Professional Internship program.  To register for TAG Seminars, look for the SOAR classes labeled as TAG during Soar registration.  A student can sign up for more than one TAG SOAR class if they so desire.

Any student not receiving TAG credit through an academic class (AP/Honors/Directed Study/Internship) must complete a TAG seminar during SOAR time to receive TAG credit for the semester.

The Gifted Directed Study, an elective course for gifted students, provides for carefully designed research experiences for individual TAG students under the supervision of a TAG teacher. The course is designed to encourage the development of the whole student as a researcher and problem solver. In collaboration with a TAG teacher, the student defines and schedules the directed study by contract. The majority of contract objectives are derived from the analysis, synthesis, and evaluation levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, and the processes employed include the major elements of Treffinger’s creative problem solving techniques.

Directed Study Manual

An independent project is a custom-made seminar created by you concerning an area of interest to you. Both individual students and small groups of students may create an independent project for TAG credit. As with a seminar, a contract must be developed, and a TAG teacher must agree to monitor the progress. The work is self-directed and may even occur outside of school hours. To register to complete an Independent Project for TAG credit please see Mr. Shumick in the band room, within the first two weeks of the semester.

(Yes, college classes too!)
These classes fulfill your TAG requirement. You do not need to notify us that you are taking an AP or college class for TAG credit; we already have the information on your schedule. You don’t need to sign up for anything else with us – but you may if you like!

(Pre-requisite of Completed “Hire Me” Seminar required)
The Gifted Internship Program for Talented and Gifted (TAG) students of Fulton County Schools is a  program that is the result of the combined effort of the education system and the professional business community. It is designed to provide our high school juniors and seniors with an in-depth view into career areas of their choice. The Gifted Internship Program is designed to provide students with basic career awareness and exploration and to introduce them to working professionals and a professional atmosphere in their local communities. The Gifted Internship Program has been placing students in internships for over thirty years. While we have always been in alignment with Georgia Gifted Education Standards, we are also now a direct contributor to our current system-wide goal of 100% Career Readiness.

Internship Manual


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