FCSG is an entirely volunteer venture, established to support Fulton County TAG teachers and students. Each year teachers apply for FCSG mini-grants and professional development grants. Mini-grants provide funding for materials used to enhance the learning opportunities in the classroom. Professional Development grants fund TAG teachers’ attendance at qualifying professional development conferences. Fulton County TAG students benefit from Summer Camp scholarships that help fund additional learning opportunities. In the last 3 years FCSG has distributed over $10,000 to teachers and students! In addition, FCSG organizes parent speaker nights and works as an advocate for TAG teachers and students.

All of these activities are possible only through membership dues and contributions, as well as volunteer efforts. We hope you will consider joining us today. Your membership in FCSG will also include membership in the Georgia Association for Gifted Children, whose benefits include a newsletter.

Please join FCSG!

FCSG Brochure FCSG Membership Form



  • FCSG – Fulton County Supporters of the Gifted
  • GAGC – Georgia Association for Gifted Children
  • NAGC – National Association for Gifted children

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