How will TAG participation help for college admissions?

  • More challenging opportunities that go beyond the regular curriculum.
  • Seminars, directed studies, and career internships help students find their passion.
  • Shows colleges that students are self-motivated, independent learners.
  • All aspects of TAG help students perfect their ability to present themselves professionally.
  • All aspects of TAG help students develop/perfect their leadership skills.

What is TAG Probation?

  • TAG probation means a student did not get credit for the current semester. Notice is mailed home to parent.
  • In order to return to good standing, he/she MUST participate in TAG the following semester and get credit.

What is TAG Dismissal?

  •  If a student does NOT receive credit for two consecutive semesters, he/she is dismissed from TAG for one semester. Notice is mailed home to parent.
  • At the end of the dismissed semester, the student may return to TAG by telling a TAG teacher he/she wishes to do so.

My child was in TAG in an earlier grade. Does s/he need to go through testing again?

  • No, provide any TAG teacher with a signed DCI (Data Collection Instrument) from a previous Fulton County School and your son or daughter can begin participating in TAG activities.

My child was in Gifted in a different state.  Does s/he need to be tested again?

Yes,  There is no out of state Reciprocity for Gifted Services.  Students new to Georgia must be tested and qualify to receive Gifted services.



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